Scalp Spa

Scalp Spa Treatments

Many hair loss specialists advocate deep cleaning your scalp and stimulating scalp skin to encourage healthy scalp skin and hair growth.

Scalp Nourish takes this up a level, it helps to decongest the hair follicle whilst also nourishing the skin around. This treatment stimulates circulation and primes the skin for optimal absorption of hair growth boosting products and treatments.

Certain conditions and concerns that will benefit from this treatment are.

Dry Skin, Flaky Skin, Oily Skin/Hair, Product Build-up, Lacklustre Hair, SMP Prep/After Nourish, Initial Exfoliate/Cleanse prior to hair loss treatment programme, Trauma Skin

There are many reasons why we experience hair loss.

Thinning Hair, Diffused Hair Loss, Female pattern Hair Loss, Male Pattern Hair Loss, Post Transplant, Alopecia Areata, Post partum hair Loss, Telogen Effluvium

Scalp Spa treatment’s help stimulate circulation

Scalp nourish can be part of a combined management plan to include SMP or as a stand alone treatment.