Hello and Welcome to the world of Hair Loss Systems

We just thought we would introduce ourselves for those who don’t know us, as we proceed on to our next journey in the beauty world. 

We are so exited to introduce to you our amazing new treatments we will be offering from Saturday 1st April 2023 

Many years ago, I was interested personally in hair loss treatments. 
I was experiencing this problem for myself and never having the thickest head of hair I got quite worried so was looking for any advice/help I could find. 
After doing a lot of research I saw this amazing new treatment 
which involved injecting the scalp with plasma (PRP) and umbilical cord lining stem cells. 

It wasn’t readily available at this point and was very expensive. 
Covid hit so had lots of time on my hands to watch this process develop and saw some amazing results..
I then thought, I would love to offer this treatment in my clinic … I had quite a bit of hands on experience with my alopecia clients seeing eyebrow and lash hair appearing after their treatments 
and although I had many years experience treating clients and training students with micro needling etc I had no flabotomy or aesthetics qualifications which was needed for the PRP and injections of growth serums. 
However I knew a woman who did ! … 
Emmalene Beck 
my best and trusted friend who has over 10 years experience in aesthetics and injectables etc 
So we talked… 

We took ourselves off to train on all aspects of hair loss with one of the leading trichologists Emma Furlong at Finishing Touches group 
And the rest is history… 

Here we are 3 months down the line now treating our own clients and astounded at the results…. 

So please give our new Instagram and Facebook page @yorkshirehairlossclinic
a follow to keep you updated on all the information and results. 
And If you would like to book in for a consultation please feel free to get in touch 

THANK YOU 🙏🏻 for all your support so far much appreciated. 
Much love 
Sue & Emm ♥️

We have one free course going for grabs in a little competition we’ll be running so keep your eyes open … @finishingtouchesgroup@emmalula@calecimprofessional

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