You’ve heard about microneedling for the scalp already, and the success we are having, So why can’t this treatment work similarly on the eyebrows? 

Microneedling is the act of poking tiny holes in the skin (in this case, brow hair follicles) to wake them up and help regenerate hair growth. A microneedling tool is used over the brow area repetitively, especially where growth is sparse or might need extra attention. The penetration of the needle allows for a deeper reach to the hair follicle, which in some cases can help stimulate hair growth where it might be initially stunted.
We are now trailing this with 4 lovely clients with the @calecimprofessional stem cell serum …. 
These photos were taken before any treatment has started and in fairness they do have a hair growth just very sparse … so watch this space and let’s see if the science does it’s job …. This treatment is not just for women. Men also suffer with thinning, sparse brows …. 
“It’s no miracle, It’s science “ … 


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