You’ve heard about microneedling for the scalp already, and the success we are having, So why can’t this treatment work similarly on the eyebrows?  Microneedling is the act of poking tiny holes in the skin (in this case, brow hair follicles) to wake them up and help regenerate hair growth. A microneedling tool is used …

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Two weeks apart

Wow ! how healthy is this scalp looking …  This client came to us to see if there was anything we could do to help with thinning hair ….  She had noticed over the years how much thinner her hair was due to hormones, bad diet, over processing and overall general bad health ..  Before …

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Calecimprofessional, it is NOT the next best thing in hair care. It is a revolutionary and entirely new discovery in scalp health.Never before found in the hair regrowth market, PTT-6® which is a complex of powerful and active growth factors, is able to trigger your skin’s hair cycle through energizing your hair follicles.• 6 weeks …

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